Message from the PAFCS Executive Director

Dr. Mary Kaye Rhude-Faust, CFCS, NBCT


It’s a pleasure for me to serve as the Executive Director of PAFCS. Often, I think about those who have served our organization in the past and reflect upon the important work that they accomplished. It is up to us to continue their work and to prepare for those who shall serve our profession in the future.

Together we can go places that we wouldn’t or couldn’t go alone. Our passion and conviction to developing and maintaining programs that touch the lives of those we serve is what makes us unique and valuable. We are making a difference through our continued commitment to the community spirit and collaborate efforts. As business professionals, educators, extension agents, and family members, we affect the lives of those around us. We accomplish our mission together in honoring our colleagues and the pride that we feel is our connection with one another.

I envision three central goals to be accomplished by us as individual members and as a collective unit. These three goals are: community, collaboration, and commitment – all of which must be integrated to achieve the mission of our profession.

Every action has a consequence. All that we do or strive to accomplish as professionals influences someone or something. The work that each of us does contributes to the common good and the betterment of society. There’s no end to what we do. We’re in a process – one that is built upon a strong foundation and heritage of accomplishments by our predecessors.

There will always be a need for family and consumer sciences. And to meet those needs, we will be expected to change – as is required with any organization that leads. Stephen Mitchell once said, “If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.” The leadership for individual and families that we provide in each of our individual settings doesn’t call us to wave flags and stand in front. Rather, we stand behind, beside, and along with our clients and our students. We listen to their needs. We’re connected and most importantly, we’re convicted to our common goals. We work to help improve the quality of living for individuals and families in Pennsylvania.

We have all chosen to work in the family and consumer sciences profession and combat the dailyness of things while remaining committed to the larger community. With the commitment to the common good that each of us shares, we will continue to shape the futures of individuals and families.

I challenge you to embrace the goals of community, commitment, and collaboration. And do it with the same conviction that inspired you to work in our profession. I see turning points in our profession every time I hear about or see evidence of the programs you’ve designed and the accomplishments you’ve achieved in service of our mission. The vision that I have for this organization encompasses the light and energy that shines in each of you.

My goal is to support you in your daily quest to accomplish the mission of the family and consumer sciences profession. Thank you for your endorsement and for selecting me to represent you as the Executive Director of PAFCS.

Mary Kaye


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