The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) and the FCS Credentialing Center proudly offers a premier national Pre-Professional Assessment and Certification (Pre-PAC) program that is


The Pre-PAC portfolio of standards-based assessments and industry-recognized certifications are designed to help satisfy the growing emphasis on

  • assessment and accountability in secondary and postsecondary education, including requirements for Perkins funding for Career and Technical Education, and
  • credentials as a human resource and quality control tool in employment settings throughout the career ladder.

Pre-PAC offers benefits to individuals, secondary and postsecondary education programs, employers, and community-based programs.

Individuals benefit by receiving:

  • Immediate, individualized feedback upon completion of the assessment.
  • Competency validation to document their knowledge and skills and to improve employability.
  • Recognition and value through industry-recognized pre-professional certifications.
  • An advantage in obtaining articulated credit or credit-by-exam at post-secondary institutions.

Secondary and Post-Secondary Education Programs benefit by having a reliable tool to:

  • Measure the effectiveness of preparing individuals to meet rigorous content standards and current business and industry standards.
  • Provide data to meet accountability requirements.
  • Recognize the achievement of their students.
  • Target instructional adjustments that are based on performance results for overall program improvement.

Employers and Community-Based Programs benefit by gaining the ability to:

  • Validate competencies required for employment at the pre-professional level.
  • Recognize the achievement of their employees or clients.
  • Enhance efforts to provide targeted staff development based on performance results.

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